Who we are:

With a focus on adventure- which includes safety and education, we strive to bring you to life.

Though family owned, we are also friend operated. We bring a unique and dedicated team to each different element of fun so that you have highly trained, knowledgeable staff ready to help at any time. You need never feel alone, nor do you need to worry about being lost- except lost in fun. With a personal assistant for every situation, you simply can’t go wrong. How involved you wish to be in the planning process is entirely up to you. We take pride in being able to fit your needs with your desires and ensure you have all you need.

It truly is our pleasure to serve you, but more than that- we love to make you smile and make sure you never forget ‘that one time, when you went…’

We look forward to meeting you!


Established in 2006.

We started with scenario based skills training for EMS and soon learned everyone liked being involved. Their favorite aspect was the immersion in the situation presented. Since then we’ve grown to  accommodate other requests: such as learning to ride a four-wheeler or set the whole day’s tone to suit their needs. People desire to experience more than just a trail ride- so, we began creating specific experiences based on personal requests and have continued doing so. We host a variety of events: both creative and competitive,  while maintaining quality service, extraordinary adventures and the finest personalized customer service you can find.

Specific experiences based on personal requests
Taking Reservations Now
ATV and Side by Side Rentals
And an exciting addition to our rental fleet: MOTORCYCLES!
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